Work From Home or our Fully Furnished Studio
In Tempe and conveinient for College students or anyone in the valley is our fully furnished Studio with High Speed internet and high end Quad Core computers allow you to broadcast your video at a High Quality rate and earn more $$ per minute. If you can commit 15-20 Hours per week, you can earn over $1000 per week as a newbie, and more if you have any experience. Ask for references.

Contact us by filling out our interest form, or email to set up an appointment. Include your availability, Pictures (headshot and body) and your stats. You must be over 18 and be willing to have fun to make money.

There are two ways to get started. Both are fairly easy. The first way to begin is to click the "model signup" link in the menu on the left and fill out the online form. After the information is received by us, we will contact you and give you additional steps to follow. The second way to begin is to email us at and provide the following information: Two possible performer names, Your real first and last name, 2 photos, 1 of body, 1 of face.

You will make your own schedule. You can work day or night, any time you want. Keep in mind, the more hours you log online, the more money you stand to make.

This is really up to you. Being that the internet runs 24 hours a day and never takes holidays, the earning potential is huge. Our models make over $1.50 per minute for time spent in private sessions as well as time paid out for voyeur minutes. If you would like more specific information regarding pay, please contact me or refer to the ad that brought you to our website. We try to encourage our models to work as much as they can, as this will increase your chances for private sessions and ultimately make you more money. Occasionally you will also receive tips from customers, or special promotional bonus' offered from the website. There are also opportunities to win contests with cash prizes.

If you work in our Studio, everything is provided for you. If you choose to work from home, you need a computer with at least a Dual Core processor and 1GB of ram. You'll obviously need a webcam, and high speed internet is a must have. Other than that, just bring yourself and a smile.

You can choose to either be paid by Company check, Direct Deposit, epassporte, or PayPal.

Absolutely! But your partner will also need to be registered as a model with DesertProd before they can be on cam with you.